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Homefull - Dayton, OH

Homefull Solutions, Homefull’s employment centered social enterprise is designed to engage beneficiaries based on their specific needs and barriers to employment. Thus working to provide people with the foundation of personal development and material conditions for substantive choice around employment and their ability to contribute to society. 


Heartbeat is working to transform conflict through music in the Middle East. Its program focuses on bringing Israeli and Palestinian youth together around a shared passion for music- and working directly to promote consciousness and understanding between the two sides. The fruits of this collaboration are shared through a touring band and music put out by the organization to encourage peace. Heartbeat works implicitly on altering mindsets on both the beneficiary and system level. 

integrative MEdicine Foundation

The Integrative Medicine Foundation (IMF) promotes the practice of integrative medicine through: education (public, healthcare professionals, and corporate), research, and direct outreach services for those who cannot afford integrative medicine.