The Bodhi Foundation gives strategically by mindfully and collaboratively determining the needs of our grantees.  We aim to understand our grantees and provide a grant commitment within their strategy - typically giving unrestricted.


(When possible and appropriate) The Bodhi Foundation intends for grant relationships to:

  • Be catalytic so that the organization is better able to achieve its mission
  • Provide grantees the space to step back and refine strategy
  • Be part of a mutually beneficial long-term strategic partnership
  • Provide unrestricted funding to our partners

Types of Grants include:


Bodhi General Grants

One-time grant commitments to organizations or campaigns to address strategic capital needs.


Social Entrepreneur Grants

Support or scale existing highly dynamic, innovative, and impactful programs. 

Start-up Grant Capital for organizations with vision that are still maturing. 


Organizational Maturity Grants

Collaboratively determined grants that help the organization to further develop itself and fulfill its mission. 

Catalytic Program Capital to help move a program or organization to higher impact and/or greater financial sustainability.

Grants to supplement costs of professional consulting outside of the Foundation's Technical Assistance.