A world where everyone can thrive.


Our Mission

To empower highly aligned social change organizations by addressing needs through strategic grant-making, impact investment, collaborative consulting, and support towards organizational excellence- thereby supporting individuals along their path towards human flourishing and contributing toward system change.


We believe all people have the capacity for happiness and personal development towards self-actualization – given the right conditions and circumstances. Just as a plant cannot flourish without adequate light and water, a person cannot develop themselves without social institutions that reflect conscious understanding of personal development and value the dignity of every human being.

We fundamentally believe in progress, that people as individuals can move towards greater inner peace, and society as a whole can become more conscious of our interconnectedness. This arising consciousness constitutes a change in mindset! We are moving from:

Separated → Connectedness

Selfishness → Empathy 

Ignorance → Awareness

Apathy → Passion

Aside from all that 'airy fairy' change the world stuff. These practical values serve to guide us in our day-to-day interactions:

GET REAL. We strive to break down out-dated and ineffective power dynamics between foundation and grantee so that we can be genuine and effective partners.

EXPERIMENT AND TAKE RISKS. We want to push the bounds of philanthropy by funding where others don't, embracing failure as key to learning, trying different approaches, and utilizing non-traditional methods such as impact investment.

BE INQUISITIVE. Whether working with a partner or refining our own approach, we think that asking the question 'why' is crucial to success.


Our Vision

A concious and compassionate world where everyone can thrive.