True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar... it understands that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Bodhi Foundation aims to support social change organizations highly aligned with its values and worldview. The foundation provides support through collaborative grant-making, hands-on technical assistance, and professional development.


What Guides Bodhi's Giving

The foundation determines whether to work with an organization by focusing on four key considerations:


Level of alignment of the project or organization with the foundation’s values and worldview. 


How impactful the organization’s approach is for the issue area, the change they are intending to bring about, and the outcomes they are producing or expecting.


To what degree organizations incorporate an intentional and mindful strategy and are open, ‘self aware’, and reflective. 


The degree of innovation, forward thinking, and ability to adapt and grow in furtherance of its mission. 


What we support and what we don't

Generally speaking, Bodhi is especially interested in supporting:

Alternative Healthcare & Holistic Medicine

Empathy Education & Conflict Resolution

Social Enterprise & Job Training

Mindfulness Based Programming & Counseling

Social Entrepreneurship & innovative practices in Social Service and Education


On the other hand, Bodhi generally does not support:

Traditional Capital Campaigns

Fundraising Events

Arts based organizations & Sports teams

Research & Higher Education

Hospitals & Basic Health Services

Provision of Basic Goods and Services

Disease Research and Care

Emergency Services & Disaster Relief


The Bodhi Foundation looks to make an impact by: 

  1. positively influencing Individuals

  2. Changing Societal Systems

  3. Shifting Mindsets

Note on geographic focus:

The Foundation considers itself part of the broader community on both the local (Greater Dayton, OH Area) and global level, and its giving reflects both of these conceptions of community. 

Generally speaking the foundation gives preference to organizations operating in Southwest Ohio, but gives grants to high impact and high alignment organizations operating outside this area.